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Re-routing Buses Along Anketell Street, Tuggeranong

Re-routing Buses Along Anketell Street, Tuggeranong

A letter has just been sent to Minister Meegan FitzHarris about the buses driving along Anketell Street.  The big issue identified in the recent Tuggeranong Liveability Survey was to revitalise the Tuggeranong Town Centre. The single biggest impact on the amenity and revitalisation of the area, is the use of Anketell Street by ACTION buses.  This street is directly in front of the Hyperdome and houses many outdoor cafes where people want to sit, eat and talk.  This is very difficult to do comfortably when every few minutes, buses go along this street on the way to the Tuggeranong Interchange. It is noisy and people are breathing in bus as well as car emissions.

At the Tuggeranong Community Council meeting on last night, it was resolved unanimously that the community wants the buses removed from using Anketell Street. The prospect of re-routing the buses to Cowlishaw Street has been discussed with Tuggeranong College and they are supportive of a rerouting.

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  1. Steve Ulrich

    I would hope that this would be part of an overall strategy to re-invigorate Ankatell street. (https://www.yoursay.act.gov.au/anketellst) At the moment all I can see are quite meagre plans for this area, when there is potential for the north side of the street to have more restaurants in the hope of transforming the area into a dining zone to bring more people in at nighttime.
    In my opinion, it is time that areas such as Greenway/Tuggeranong and Erindale in particular were examined and re-designed to better accommodate the needs of the community.

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