Proposed Chisholm ALDI – Have Your Say

Proposed Chisholm ALDI – Have Your Say

The Department of Land and Property Services (LAPS) is seeking public comment on plans for an Aldi supermarket at Chisholm. The proposed site for the supermarket is a vacant block of land (Block 7 Section 598) between Benham and Proctor Streets behind the exisiting Chisholm shopping centre. (See map below).

The site is approximately 3,430 square metres, with access off Benham Street and is currently zoned Commercial CZ3 under the Territory Plan. The Territory Plan currently restricts the size of a supermarket on this CZ3 site to less than 300 square metres. A variation to the Territory Plan is required in order to allow for an increase of gross floor area permitted on the site to the 1200 square metres required for the proposed Aldi supermarket.

All comments received will be directed to the developer for consideration as part of any development application and will be subject to further community consultation as part of the approval process.

The proposal will also be considered at the first meeting of 2011 of the Tuggeranong Community Council on Tuesday 1 February 7:30pm upstairs at the Tuggeranong Southern Cross Club.

Should you wish to comment on either the direct sale or the proposed variation to the Territory Plan, please consider posting a comment here, or on LAPS’ website:
or write to;

Land and Property Services
GPO Box 158

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Chisholm ALDI proposed site map


  1. Col Petrie

    I am in favour of the Aldi proposal for Chisholm because;
    Where Aldi has opened stores the major supermarkets then lower prices to meet the competition.
    I shop at the Aldi store in Lanyon, a centre about the same size as Chisholm. Traffic does not seem any worse than before Aldi opened.
    I have never seen delivery trucks at Aldi in business hours.
    The formula they operate on seems to provide good quality products at very good prices.
    Because of Aldi’s trolley deposit system there are no abandoned Aldi trolleys in the carparks, waterways or recreation areas. Compare this to Woolworths and Coles whose trolleys are scattered far and wide about the surrouinding districts.
    Last Clean-up Australia Day we pulled 28 Woolworhts trolleys out of Lake Tuggeranong.
    I feel that Aldi has a very good marketing system and that the majors should be compelled to pay for the littering of their trolleys and the subsequent clean up costs.

  2. Ann Eastcott

    My Husband and I would both welcome an Aldi Store on the proposed site, this area has been vacant for a long time and it would be benefit local residents with more choices and provide a little competition for the current chain. I think they would compliment each other as Aldi carries a limited number of brands, but then offers choices in other areas. I think it would benefit the area without harming current traders.

  3. Norm and Peg Russell

    I can say no more in support of the proposed Aldi store than has been said above by Col Petrie and Ann Eastcot. We look forward to the proposal being approved.

  4. Judith Panckhurst

    It will be useful for townhouse dwellers in area. Useful for people who do not own cars and use public transport to access as Tuggernong LDI is too far for some people to shop.

  5. Tony & Meg Krizan

    We support the proposed variation to enable establishment of the Chisholm ALDI store. It would service a substantial catchment through surrounding suburbs that would promote price competition.

  6. margaret

    1-5-2012 They have started to put up fencing at the proposed site for the new ALDI shop.I hope tat it is ALDI thats going there It is going to be the best thing thats happening at Chisholm. Maybe the empty shops wil also be occupied because of it

  7. Jan

    I would love to see Aldi open in Chisholm. The Woollies/Coles monopoly has gone on for long enough and although we also have IGA’s they do tend to be pricey. So Aldi will be great for the shoppers. I love the weekly specials as they are often things that are not found easily anywhere else.

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