Agenda Next Meeting – 3 Oct 17

Agenda Next Meeting – 3 Oct 17

The next meeting of the TCC will be held on the 3rd October at the Vikings Tuggeranong Town Centre Club where we will hear from Icon Water about their water responsibilities and pricing rationalization. We will also hear from Purdon Planning about plans for Stage 2 Guilfoyle House.

1. Open Meeting/Welcomes President 7:30 pm
2. Apologies President 7:31pm
3. President’s Report President 7:33 pm
4. Youth Engagement Committee 7:35 pm
5. Police Report SGT Karen Drake 7.40pm
6. MP/MLA Updates MP/MLAs 7.45pm
7. Guilfoyle House Stage 2 Update Kristi Jorgensen, Purdon Planning 7.50pm
8. Coffee Break 8.20pm

Icon Water – water responsibilities and pricing rationalisation


Lisa Quinn and Bronwen Butterfield 8.30pm
10. General Business President
11. Minutes from Previous meeting Secretary 9.10pm
12. Matters arising from Minutes Secretary 9.11pm
13. Correspondence Secretary 9.12pm
14. Treasurers report Treasurer 9.15pm
15. Sub Committee reports

Community Health & Educ.



16. Any other Business President 9.28pm
Closure/Next Meeting 9.30pm

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