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National Trust (ACT) needs you

National Trust (ACT) needs you

The National Trust (ACT) is looking for new volunteers to re-invigorate its Council. The AGM will
be held on 29 October and at least five positions on the Council will need to be filled including
the position of President.
The Trust is a volunteer, community-based, organisation, committed to promoting and
conserving Australia’s natural, indigenous and historic heritage through its advocacy work and
its custodianship of heritage places and objects for the present and the future. The Centenary
of Canberra has demonstrated how important history and heritage is to the community and as a
driver of the local tourist industry.
The Council needs a diversity of skills and is looking for a variety people with knowledge,
experience and talents in fields such as business, heritage, culture, planning architecture, legal,
IT, marketing etc.
The Council’s work is stimulating and provides the opportunity to:

  • Gain board experience to enhance professional reputation and industry knowledge
  • Do something important to the community;
  • Raise awareness and support important community issues;
  • Gain professional satisfaction;
  • Develop professional networks and management skills;
  • Meet new people and make new friends.

For enquiries or nominations, please email National Trust Councillor:
lisa.norman@jelksolutions.com.au by 28 September 2013

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