More funding to clean up and improve Canberra’s beautiful suburbs and shops

More funding to clean up and improve Canberra’s beautiful suburbs and shops

cleanupMeegan Fitzharris (MLA) has issued the following media release:

Suburbs across Canberra will see the benefits of even more cleaning, mowing and local shop upgrades in this year’s Budget, with a new investment of over $12 million to ensure our city remains the most liveable in the world.

“Canberrans love their local suburbs, whether they live in Conder or Casey. This year’s Budget will ensure we can do even more to make our city the best it can be,” Minister for Transport and Municipal Services Meegan Fitzharris said.

“This will include $1 million for vital shop upgrades, including Anketell Street in the Tuggeranong Town Centre, Kambah shopping centre on Marconi Street, Charnwood shops and Spence shops.“This investment will involve a range of improvements such as upgrading the paving at Charnwood shops and new paving, street furniture, street trees and accessibility improvements at both Spence shops and Kambah shops. Funding will also go towards extending the scope of the upgrade project on Anketell Street in Tuggeranong with new street furniture and street trees on the verge opposite the Tuggeranong Hyperdome.

“An additional $475,000 will be invested to develop designs for improvements to the public areas at four local shopping centres in collaboration with local businesses and the community. The designs will consider lighting, walking paths and accessibility, street furniture and local landscape treatments.

“With our city continuing to grow in size, the Budget will also provide $8.1 million over four years for services in our new suburbs. This covers the cost of maintaining assets such as roads, streetlights, paths, stormwater systems, shopping precincts, parkland, BBQs and playgrounds in new developments such as in Gungahlin and Molonglo, as well as essential services such as waste and recycling collections.

“The Budget also provides an extra $1 million to continue – and boost – cleaning and maintenance programs funded in last year’s Budget, taking the overall maintenance budget to $25.5 million. The maintenance budget includes cleaning, mowing, weeding, litter collection, horticultural work and maintenance of facilities such as toilets and street furniture.

“This funding boost will ensure we continue to have extra mowing and weeding across the city, and more frequent cleaning of our lakes.

“When it comes to graffiti, this funding will allow us to implement more graffiti prevention measures, including targeted removal on public assets and working alongside the police using security cameras to catch offenders.

“It will also allow for an expansion of programs currently in place to reduce graffiti, including the creation of murals in the CBD, particularly in Braddon, and the continuation of the recently appointed Graffiti Coordinator position. This role involves working with groups like the Men’s Shed to facilitate the painting of murals and give artists more opportunities to develop their skills at the right locations.

“This city services funding will also go towards cleaning and maintenance of our city, including cleaning our bus shelters and public spaces at our local shopping centres, and edging along arterial roads and gutters to improve the appearance of these areas and assist in reducing the spread of weeds.

“It will also mean we can do a high pressure, intensive clean of the pavement at over 50 high-use local shopping centres, and top-up the of mulch in garden beds and clean up the carparks at all 84 local shopping centres.”

Minister Fitzharris said the Budget would also see more investment in managing waste in the ACT.

“The ACT Government is committed to reducing waste and giving households more options when it comes to disposing of rubbish and recycling.

“We have already announced we will be bringing green bins to Canberra, with $1.715 million for a green garden waste collection service pilot in Weston Creek and Kambah in 2017, funded in this year’s Budget.

“We will also be investing $400,000 to continue the popular bulky waste collection service for another year until 30 June 2017 for eligible concession card holders.

“We all love living in Canberra, and this Budget will ensure the bush capital continues to look its very best.”

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