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  1. I am extremely disappointed that I wasn’t advised that the Mead Street Chisholm Supportive Housing Project Presentation was to be presented at the October TCC meeting. It seems that I have been dropped off the mailing list without being consulted and I relied on this to see what would be discussed at the meetings. I have included the TCC in correspondence with the ACT Government with regards to this proposal and have received no feedback.

    After 30 years of being a Tuggeranong resident I will be moving out as it appears that the interest of the community is no longer taken seriously.

  2. The presentation looks like a power point one but there is no narrative to support the presentation. Am wondering if any was given?

    1. Hi Russ,
      A narrative was given but not included in the powerpoint notes. We can only go on what we are given on the night and to load on our site.

      TCC Webmaster

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