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Lowering of Tuggeranong Pond (next to South Quay)

Lowering of Tuggeranong Pond (next to South Quay)

Just to let you know, we have just been informed that the contraction work soon to start on the upgrade of Isabella Weir will require lowering the Tuggeranong Pond by approximately 1.5 metres, in April 2017, between Isabella Weir and Tuggeranong Weir.

The water level will remain lowered for the duration of the upgrade construction, between 12 and 18 months. The upgrade of Isabella Weir will bring it into line with national best practice guidelines and the recently introduced ACT Dam Safety Code.

The weir upgrade is being done in conjunction with the construction of wetlands at Isabella Pond, and a carp eradication project at both Upper Stranger Pond and Isabella Pond. Isabella Pond will remain empty for between 12 and 18 months to complete the weir and the wetlands.

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