Liveability Survey Results

SurveyThe results of the Tuggeranong Community Council ‘Liveability Survey’ conducted during August to October 2016 were:

  • Responses from every suburb of Tuggeranong;
  • Respondees from 15 to over 75 years;
  • Biggest single group of respondees 35-44 years


All Responses (350)
Female Respondents (63%)
Male Respondents (33%)

Important Issues affecting Tuggeranong

  • Improved water quality continues to be the main issue;
  • Other issues of concern:
    • Local jobs and the economy;
    • Crime and safety;
    • Public transport; and
    • Roads and traffic management

What improvements people want for Tuggeranong in next 2-3 years

More Vibrant town centre (62.3%)
Revamping local shopping centres (48.3%)
Improved water quality (47.7%)

They also wanted:

  • Improvements to recreational/parkland areas;
  • Improved bus services

Other Issues

Most people are:

  • Against light rail;
  • The development of West Greenway
  • Unhappy about the NBN and poor connection speeds in Tuggeranong

TCC Aims for the Future

  • support a more vibrant Tuggeranong Community – maybe look at possible street markets
  • to improve town and group centres
  • continue to work with the Tuggeranong Lake Carers to put pressure on government to clean up the Lake
  • develop better connections with other local groups including schools – currently working on having school awards

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