Lake Tuggeranong Catchment update

Lake Tuggeranong Catchment update

Dickson_wetlands2_450x336As part of ACT Healthy Waterways (Basin Project), preliminary sketch plans for the projects to improve Lake Tuggeranong have now been prepared and as part of the community consultation process can be viewed at:
Tuggeranong Library,
Cowlishaw St, Tuggeranong
3 pm to 7 pm, Thursday 15 September

These sketch plans include specific information about the proposed projects including access and thoroughfares, the potential impact on existing vegetation, proposed landscaping, the location/relocation of paths, cross sections, embankment treatments and dam heights.

You can visit for more details on the projects and sessions or alternatively, if you would like printed copies please email

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  1. Michael Knight

    Having just visited the display of measures to improve water quality in lake Tugg, I had difficulties finding any plans (even with help) for the Kambah end of the lake. There is a reserve plan for the Wanniassa feed, but nothing from Kambah, which is a major entry point and always of concern re cleaning this area. Maybe its because the feed is from 5 concrete pipes. All the work relates to areas where the flat; unit building is taking place . (Greenway east).

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