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Housing Choices Update

Housing Choices Update

Following over 600 submissions from the public and various organisations on how the government can better meet the housing needs of their residents and improve the diversity of housing choices to, as the government says, “balance right between enabling development to meet the demand for choice, whilst also achieving urban design principles to protect and enhance existing character and amenity in the established suburbs.”

To this end over the next three months, the government is running five in-depth sessions, with a selected random group of people, organised and facilitated by newDemocracy Foundation looking at:

Canberra is changing – and there are many different ways our housing needs can be met. What do we need to do?

This group will be provided with access to a range of experts from across industry and government. They will discuss and deliberate on ideas, issues and opportunities.” Recommendations from the group will then be submitted to the Minister for Planning and Land Management, Mick Gentleman for consideration.

The second session of the Housing Choices Collaboration Hub will be on Saturday 26 May 2018. Anyone is welcome to attend on the day as an observer but it is essential that you RSVP and register your interest below.

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