Chronicle – Aug 15

Chronicle – Aug 15

Finally, active consultation on how we can improve the quality of water in Lake Tuggeranong.  On Tuesday 28 July, the Basin Priority Project team held an Open House forum “designed to give community members the opportunity to explore and discuss options for water quality infrastructure development in Lake Tuggeranong”.  It was an opportunity to meet the project team and give them additional ideas for water quality infrastructure and feedback on the options presented by consultants.  There were 30 suggestions relating to various areas of the Tuggeranong Catchment as well as10 in-lake suggestions.  The Tuggeranong Community Council (TCC) has put in a submission noting our preferences, which can be seen on our Website.

To continue the idea of being more informed about what is happening in Tuggeranong and bringing more people on board, TCC members have met with the Centre Manager of the Tuggeranong Hyperdome, who has offered to come to one of our meetings to update us about what is happening in the Hyperdome.  I have also spoken to the Principal of Lake Tuggeranong College and she is looking at the possibility of organising students to talk at a TCC meeting about what they want for Tuggeranong. It will be good to get input from our young people.

In the same light, we are working on developing a Tuggeranong Community Council Survey to circulate as broadly as possible to find more about the issues of interest to the people of Tuggeranong.

More than 140 people attended a memorial service on Friday 14 August, for our highly respected TCC President, Eric Traise who died last month. The service was held at University House at the Australian National University. It was attended by family, friends, TCC members, former RAAF and Air Services Australia colleagues and local politicians. The number and caliber of those who attended was testament to the high regard and respect in which Eric Traise was held throughout our community.

Our next meeting will be held on Tuesday 1 September, 7.30pm at the Southern Cross Club.  The Crime Reduction Team will talk about home safety and what you can do to protect your house when you go on holidays. This meeting will be followed by our AGM, where a new Executive will be elected for the coming year.


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