Spring Lake Cleanup

On Sunday the 23 October, twenty nine people signed up to help clean up Lake Tuggeranong for our annual Spring cleanup.  It was great to see that the lake itself did not have as much rubbish around it as has been seen in the past.  Maybe this is because more people are aware and not throwing rubbish around, or, maybe more locals are being responsible and picking up rubbish or, maybe it is just because the recent rains flushed a lot of the rubbish down stream.

Tuggeranong Residents Focus Groups – Call for Participation

The Canberra and Regional Futures at the University of Canberra have contacted us about some focus group meetings designed to find out the views of residents (from particular suburbs) relating to the ‘sustainable future of the Tuggeranong district’.

More public housing for East Greenway

Residents and the ACT government remain at odds over the likely impact of proposed new public housing slated for East Greenway, on the eastern shores of Lake Tuggeranong. See: http://www.canberratimes.com.au/act-news/information-session-to-discuss-more-public-housing-for-east-greenway-on-lake-tuggeranong-20160221-gmzj2d.html

Help keep our Valley air clean and healthy in winter

Less than 3 per cent of Canberra households burn wood for domestic heating (ABS). Yet Federal and ACT government air pollution measurements show wood burning is responsible for more than two thirds of Canberra’s fine particle air pollution while cars are responsible for about 10 …

Greenway Site – Community Information and Consultation Sessions

The ACT Government is undertaking engagement activities for a number of Territory Plan Variations that support the ACT Government’s land release programs and the revitalisation of the public housing portfolio. This includes community consultation sessions in relation to Block 2, Section 28 Greenway. For more …

Development of a new office building in Tuggeranong Town Centre

  Recent media statements have confirmed the Department of Social Services (DSS) will continue to be located in Tuggeranong, retaining a major Commonwealth employment presence in Tuggeranong. For more information click on the following link to the Project Information Bulletin from Purdon Associates Pty Ltd – DSS …