Agenda TCC General Meeting Tuesday 3 March 2015

Agenda TCC General Meeting Tuesday 3 March 2015

Click on the following links to down load a copy of the agenda TCC Agenda 3 Mar 2015


  1. Michael

    I don’t seem to see any mention of the agenda on a post mortem of the horrible job you did with the Tharwa Drive closure? Or are we pretending that didn’t happen now?

    1. TCC Webmaster

      Hi Michael,
      Thank you for your email. The matter of the closure of Tharwa Drive was dealt with extensively at the well advertised TCC General meeting held on Tuesday 3 February 2015. Despite the fact the TCC was NOT responsible for the closure of the road it facilitated the meeting issuing a special invitation to Lanyon Valley residents to attend and to give them an opportunity to air their grievances. The meeting was addressed by representatives of Roads ACT, ACT Emergency Services, which organised the road closure, and our local MLA’s. All in all, it was a very good meeting, one which it would have paid for anyone to attend if they had concerns about the closure of Thawara Drive.

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