2022 TCC Youth Engagement Forum Report

2022 TCC Youth Engagement Forum Report

2022 TCC Youth Engagement Forum Report on Opportunities for Advocacy and Support by the TCC Youth Engagement Committee and/or the Tuggeranong Community Council – 2022/2023

 Climate Change

  • Should be a fundamental part of the curriculum – Science and SOSE
  • Pressure governments towards stronger action on Climate Change
  • Australia to become less reliant on coal and gas for energy, increase opportunities for local renewable energy generation, subsidies to bring down the purchase costs of electric vehicles. Advocate for the development of legislation regulating for low emission vehicle imports.
Recommendation: Youth Sub-Committee to look at meeting with Dr Sophie Lewis (ACT Commissioner for Sustainability and the Environment) and Rebecca Vassarotti (Minister for the Environment). Alternatively, host a Climate Change focussed Forum and invite the Commissioner and Minister to participate.  Advocate to the ACT Education Directorate for the inclusion of Climate Change as part of the Curriculum.


  • Educational programs to prepare young people for the future – programs that promote development of life skills, mapping employment pathways.
  • Re-think how best to utilise ACT Libraries and resources e.g., improved access, provision of information and resources to help prepare students for the future
  • Promote broader collaboration opportunities between CIT and Education Directorate (check availability of courses at Tuggeranong CIT).
Recommendation: Youth Committee to meet with Education Directorate to discuss Youth Forum feedback.


  • Continue pressure to improve water quality in Lake Tuggeranong
  • Improve awareness and education to young people to increase understanding of individual impact on the environment and what can be done by individuals including: recycling, reducing food waste, composting.
  • Talk to Education Directorate about making improvements to environmental education programs.

Mental Health and Wellbeing

  • Need increased access to Mental Health support and assistance within the Tuggeranong. Region.
  • Increased training for Teachers to improve awareness and knowledge about mental health.
  • Mental Health awareness programs delivered within schools by external agencies/experts/agencies would help reduce stigma.

Safety and Crime

  • Increased community policing presence and community engagement.
  • Improved lighting in public spaces, e.g., Bus Interchange, parklands, underpasses.
  • Increase the amount of CCTV footage or live camera streams around the town centres and surrounding areas.
Recommendation: Youth Committee to meet with ACT Policing to discuss Youth Forum feedback.


  • Advocate for Transport Canberra to improve safety on buses – e.g., increase security
  • Request more CCTV cameras on public transport
  • Request for all Bus interchanges and bus stops to have improved lighting, digital and up to date timetables, staff or security at bus interchanges for timetable information and assistance with safety concerns.
  • Investigate possibilities to move student transport to an e-pay/app solution with the aim of removing the need for a “my way card” which can be lost or forgotten, and installation of phone charging ports on buses.
  • Request for buses to be maintained and upgraded.
Recommendation: Youth Committee to meet with Transport Canberra to discuss Youth Forum feedback.

 Youth Engagement

  • Connect with local groups and organisations to discuss having more youth focussed events
  • Additional youth centre within the Town Centre location which includes various facilities – bathrooms, phones, and located close to public transport.
  • Avenues to find community information and resources which focus on life-skill development – perhaps collaboration with ACT Libraries and other community organisations.
  • Explore opportunities to increase recreation facilities such as a driving range, escape room, racetrack, markets.
  • Opportunity for existing (sporting) facilities to be upgraded rather than replaced.

 The Future

  • More youth focusses events in Tuggeranong – including workshops and additional forums covering specific topics.
  • Youth friendly, after-hours sexual health clinic and drug and alcohol service.
  • Additional Youth Forums covering specific topics.
  • Improved access to assistance across a range of life skills eg , writing resumes, how to get a loan.
  • Young people would like schools to
  • Increase school-based learning, apprenticeship opportunities and skill-based workshops, provide more information on career pathways
  • Provide practical assistance with getting a job: writing job applications, resume’s, cover letters, interview techniques.
  • School curriculum to have a greater focus on real world problems and life skills.
  • Increased exposure to Colleges, CIT and Universities in relation to career pathways.
  • Increase sporting opportunities between schools and outdoor education activities.
  • Presentations by external organisations across the types of services that are available.
  • Opportunities to build connections with local Youth Workers.

Major Recommendations
  • Meet with Education Directorate to discuss issues identified from Forum feedback: Climate Change, Education, Environment, Mental Health and Wellbeing.
  • Meet with relevant people to discuss Climate Change. Follow-up on Safety Issues with the Police and the Transport Department
  • Ask the Tuggeranong Community Council to do the following:
    • Continue pressure to improve water quality in Lake Tuggeranong
    • Improvements to lighting and pathways
    • Increase CCTV footage around the Town Centre, buses and interchange
    • Need more Mental Health spaces in Tuggeranong
    • Pressure on government to have stronger action on Climate Change


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